Class Reunion, by Merrill Liddicott

Both groups spent a wonderful two weeks in either Northern Ireland or South Africa. Our trips were both extremely valuable experiences, and full of personal growth. The trips were very unique and different from each other while at the same time they had a lot of things in common. Each trip group came back enriched, changed, and closer than ever. Travel created an incomparable bond between us. While experiencing different events in the respective countries, members of both groups had learned a lot about one another. With each group having become so close, everyone was curious as to what our reu-
nited HFB class would be like upon return. The first day back we were tired and generally overjoyed to see each other. We had all just been on very influential trips and this is something we knew we shared. However, realizing that we might know a lot more now about our trip-mates than the rest of our classmates made a lot of us feel a little lost. It was hard to combine as a class again, but, after coming back from something so empowering, we were all very motivated to make change. To do this, we had to work together. Knowing that, we got to work on new projects, such as our film project and our activism projects.

Through working together to make change at Roosevelt, we connected again with those that we had spent two weeks without. Once again we became the tightly knit Hands for a Bridge class that we had come to know so well earlier in the year.