Board of Directors

Susan Pollard – President
Bob Morrison – Treasurer
Deb Stone – Secretary
Elisabeth Archer
Barbara Burton
Miriam Doyle
Janine Magidman (RHS teacher)
Libby Nelson
Thomas Nielsen
Tom Nolet (RHS teacher)
Polly Olsen
Sarah Randall (alumna)

Foundation Officers

Riana Nolet: Program Operations Manager
Janine Magidman: Hands for a Bridge Teacher
Carolyn Kenney Hall: Teacher/program adviser
Kara Macdonald: Teacher/program adviser

To learn more about the teachers who lead the program each day, click here.

Operations Staff

Tom Nolet, Founding Director

Mr. Nolet, a Hands for a Bridge co-founder, has co-led every trip to Cape Town, allowing years of SA travelers to start their days to the sounds of a harmonica, bridge the chasms all day long and finish with poetry and songs in their hearts. Mr. Nolet is currently the Language Arts Department Chair, and has taught Language Arts at Roosevelt High School for 28 years. He is the instructor for the Hands for a Bridge class.

Riana Nolet – Director of Operations
Emily McGrath – Development Director
Elisabeth Archer – Web Team
Holly Demaranville – Auction Coordinator
Sarah Randall – Intern